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  • Landmark Building: Only 50$ – 55$/per night
  • Landmark Plus Building: Only 55$ – 60$/per night


  • Landmark Building: Only 60$ – 65$/per night
  • Landmark Plus: Only 60$ – 65$/per night


  • Landmark Buidling: Only 90$ – 95$/per night
  • Landmark Plus Building: Only 95$ – 100$/per night
  • Landmark 81: Only 195$ – 200$/ pernight


  • Landmark Building: Only 180$ – 210$/per night
  • Park Building: Only 180$ – 210$/per night

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Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn

What do you see in the design of Vinhomes Central Park apartment 1,2,3 bedrooms?

Vinhomes Central Park urban area (Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) has caused a fever in the market with high-class apartments, officetel, the tallest building in Southeast Asia Landmark 81 but not everyone have the opportunity to own.

The following article gives you the best view of the design and layout of Vinhomes apartments and services here.

Apartment design Vinhomes Central Park: smart and modern

Vinhomes apartment is designed in modern European style architecture with every detail in the apartment is minimal to help make the most of living space. The reasonable arrangement of windows, openings, openings and balconies helps to guide natural light into every corner of the house and catch the wind for good health.

Panoramic view of Vinhomes from Landmark 81
  • Each building block is 25m apart to help the apartments are well ventilated. Living here, you will have the feeling that the morning is awakened by the warm, shimmering rays of the sun and sipping tea on the windy balcony.

    Typically, the smart and space-saving interior design is a one-bedroom apartment. Interior designs and items are mostly composed of straight and square details to create a minimalist beauty. Gentle colors such as white, light yellow, turquoise combine with these details in a harmonious way, giving an elegant and modern look.

Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn
Tables, shelves glued, hanging lights help space 1 bedroom apartment more spacious

Between rooms, there are fixed partitions, which are replaced by blinds, cabinets, shelves, transparent glass walls to help space and light communicate with each other. WC smart design applications ensure living needs but still not cumbersome, occupying an area.

2-bedroom apartments have more area, so the room is also spacious and has plenty of room to decorate. System of cabinets, shelves, tables and chairs larger than 1-bedroom apartments to ensure the daily needs of all family members. Large area also allows 2 bedroom apartments to have a wider view.

Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn
Elegant luxury dining table at 2 bedroom apartment

For large families, you can choose a 3-bedroom apartment. Not only has many bedrooms, the living space of this apartment is extremely spacious. The kitchen has a set of tables and chairs for 6 people, the living room also has a large sofa set but still airy. Smart design also allows a large family but still ensures privacy.

Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn
3-bedroom apartment is very spacious, meeting the needs of the family for over 5 members

The health of the occupants is also protected by Low-e glass system which has the function of thermal balance, excellent light transmission, and also prevents radiation from ultraviolet rays. As a result, the apartment is always cool, stable temperature and energy consumption for cooling. Not only that, the project construction density of only 16% also helps open space.

Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn
The natural light that floods the apartment is filtered through Low-e glass for maximum health protection

Mr. Trieu Cong Minh (living in Hanoi) shared: I often travel to Ho Chi Minh City and in recent months, I always choose to rent Vinhomes Central Park apartment, because the apartment facilities are very good and the atmosphere is also extremely cool. The living conditions here help me to relax after stressful signing sessions. ”

Hệ thống nội thất thiết kế tiện nghi

Vinhomes serviced apartment is furnished with home appliances such as a house with owner and free high-quality wifi system. The bedroom is fully equipped with wooden beds, high-class mattresses, wardrobe, nightstands, dressing table cum desks, night lamps. The kitchen has an electric hob, a microwave, a rice cooker, a big fridge, a kitchen cabinet, a coffee maker, a sink …

Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn
Vinhomes Central Park serviced apartments for rent on a daily basis are luxuriously furnished, comfortable in European style

Bathrooms are designed with sanitary equipment, shower rooms, high-class bathtubs. The living room has smart TV, sound system, air conditioner, sofa, tea table. In addition, the balcony has shelves and tables and chairs suitable for reading, enjoying tea, and sightseeing. Besides, there is also a laundry area with a modern front-loading washing machine and an intelligent design drying platform. These items meet most of your daily living needs in a convenient, thoughtful and quality manner.

Customers living in Vinhomes apartments can control sound systems, curtains, air conditioners and lights by mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection. As a result, you only need one personal device to remotely control it, whenever you want. This is a high-class comfort that not all serviced apartments currently have.

Besides electrical appliances, the water source in the apartment also applies the European standard filtration system. Therefore, you do not need to use additional filter for drinking water, cooking. Clean water helps you not be allergic to water and gives you a sweet feeling when drinking water. Vinhomes Apartment ensures you the most thoughtful health care.

River view is eye-catching

Vinhomes apartments have a view of the Saigon river – parks, cities and internal areas so tenants have many choices to suit the needs and financial capacity. However, no matter which view you choose, the living space here is extremely airy and cool.

Vinhomes Central Park project along the Saigon River should inherit the beautiful view
River view direction from within the project

In particular, this project has a frontage of 1km on the banks of the Saigon River, so river view apartments are favored with fresh air like a luxury resort, European standard. In Vinhomes Central Park, the river view is attached to the park view which is a large green area creating a sense of human being mingled with natural beats.

The Saigon River is the leading landscape axis of Ho Chi Minh City, determined in the Master Plan of the city (1993). Accordingly, the riverside location is planned in a synchronized manner with green areas, public utilities and economic, cultural and social constructions. It is both airy and cool, has many trees, riverside projects and overlooking the Saigon River, bringing the experience value that is hard to match for the residents. With the current level of real estate development along the river, river view projects are increasingly valuable and sought by many people.

Một góc nhìn tuyệt đẹp từ Khu đô thị Vinhomes
A beautiful view from the Vinhomes urban area

If you are a lover of bustling city, city view apartment is the choice for you. Vinhomes Central Park is located in the bustling Tan Cang area on the front of Nguyen Huu Canh Street in Binh Thanh District, near District 1 and District 2. Thanks to that, the apartment view inherits the entire flourishing view of the city. Especially, when the night comes, the fanciful sparkling lights will bring a new feeling to guests from other places.

1 Day Experience at Vinhomes Central Park: Premium service from A-Z

Towards the professional service style, Vinhomes Central Park’s rental service integrates a lot of services like a luxury hotel room. Such as room cleaning, cleaning, laundry and tending services at the apartment. Home appliances are also supported for repair and technical maintenance at home. Besides, if customers want to eat, the staff also serves food on-site. These services allow guests not only to save maximum living time but also to take care of A – Z wholeheartedly and thoughtfully.

Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn
Enjoy the best service from A-Z here

In addition to room service, tenants also enjoy great internal facilities at Vinhomes Central Park such as resort pool, 14ha park, Japanese garden, outdoor banquet area, tennis court, F&B. , 59,000 m2 Vincom Center, convenience store Vinmart, children’s playground, parking, security 24/24, ATM headquarters … In addition, service chains at shopping centers, cinemas, An indoor ice rink, gym, 5-star lounge and upscale restaurant are also served at Landmark 81 – the tallest in Southeast Asia.

Cho thuê căn hộ Vinhomes Central Park Devahomes.vn
Serviced apartments are the preferred choice of business customers

For business customers, guests can go to the Business Center, shuttle to the airport to serve the needs for work, partnerships. In particular, the food court also has an American-style breakfast very suitable for outside guests or Vietnamese preparing to welcome Western guests.

Choosing to rent Vinhomes Central Park apartment is the ideal choice if you are on a business trip, vacation or vacation in Ho Chi Minh City!